About the Effie Index

The Effie Index identifies and ranks the marketing industry's most effective agencies, marketers and brands by analyzing finalist and winner data from 50+ Effie Awards competitions, spanning 125 markets, worldwide.

Launched in 2011, the Effie Index reveals the most effective agencies, marketers and brands globally, regionally, in local markets, and across product categories. The Index provides an insightful glimpse into who is delivering Ideas That Work across the globe.

Eligibility Time Period

For the 2022 Effie Index rankings, data from Effie Awards programs announced between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022 qualify.

*Please note: Effie Ireland, Effie Guatemala, Effie Slovenia, and Effie Ukraine did not hold a competition during the 2022 Effie Index qualifying period. Additionally, Effie Awards programs in Belarus and Russia are currently paused and did not hold competitions in 2022.

How the Rankings are Compiled

We have established a ranking system that will recognize not only Effie winners, but Effie finalists. All winner and finalist data has been provided by Effie's global network of worldwide partners. Only Effie finalists and winners that have met Effie-approved judging criteria are eligible for inclusion in the Index. An overview glimpse of the Effie judging model can be found here.

Finalists in the Rankings

All Effie finalists and winners must achieve a minimum score in order to be selected as a Finalist, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Grand Effie winner. Not all worldwide Effie programs publicly announce and award finalists. Effie finalist status and trophies are awarded in each category at the discretion of the judges' scores. It is possible that a category may produce no finalists, if no case meets the minimum cut-off for finalist status in that category. Similarly, it is possible to have one or two winners of any level or perhaps no winners at all in a category, depending on whether a case meets the minimum cut-off for each level of award. Achieving finalist or win status in the Effie Awards is a significant achievement. Only a small percentage of cases are finalists each year and of these, a fraction are winners.

Primary vs. Contributing Agencies

Contributing agencies receive half as many points as Primary agencies in the Effie Index, so companies receiving 24 points for a Grand Effie; 12 points for a Gold Effie; 6 points for a Silver Effie; 3 points for a Bronze or 1 point for a Finalist recognition, were originally credited as a Contributing Agency.

Point Structure

Points for the 2022 Effie Index are distributed as follows:

Primary agencies, marketers and brands receive:

Grand Effie Winner/Platinum Winner48 Points
Gold Effie Winner24 Points
Silver Effie Winner12 Points
Bronze Effie Winner6 Points
Effie Finalist2 Points

Contributing agencies receive:

Grand Effie Winner/Platinum Winner24 Points
Gold Effie Winner 12 Points
Silver Effie Winner6 Points
Bronze Effie Winner3 Points
Effie Finalist1 Point

The point structure was updated in 2022 (reflected in the 2021 Effie Index). More information is available here.

When multiple agency offices are credited on a single winner/finalist record, agency networks and holding companies will receive only one set of points towards their respective ranking.

Companies Included in the Index

Finalist and winning companies featured in the Index also include production companies, post-production houses and media owners, among others.

Agency Network and Holding Company Classifications

Agency network and holding company affiliations have been provided by the entrant, supplied by the official worldwide Effie partner or identified through research of key industry resources. Research occurred between December 1, 2022 and April 15, 2023.

Independent Agencies

Agencies that are not majority-owned by a holding company are categorized as "Independent" in the Index. Please note that the ownership of individual agencies may have changed since the data was compiled.


An agency is considered a single agency office located in a specific city. For example, the New York office of Agency ABC and the Singapore office of Agency ABC are considered different agency offices. Each office is recognized as a separate, individual agency and receives its own set of points in the Agencies ranking. The Agencies ranking includes both majority-owned holding company agencies as well as independent agencies. Please note that the ownership of an individual agency may have changed since the data was compiled.

Marketer Classifications

In some instances, credits for global marketers included their local affiliation, like Coca-Cola Hellas in Greece. For consistency purposes, we have attributed the points to the global advertiser, in this case The Coca-Cola Company.

Product Category Classification

Product category information has been sourced either from the official Effie Award partner program or identified through industry research. In some instances we have made necessary judgments about how certain types of campaigns should be categorized to ensure consistency across all Effie programs..

Geographical Classifications

Throughout the Index, 'Country' and 'Region' refer to where a campaign ran, not the location of the agency or marketer responsible for it.


As a global Index of marketing effectiveness, there were instances where data was provided in the program's local language (other than English). We have attempted to translate as much information into English as possible. If you find inconsistencies, please let us know.

Year to Year Comparisons

Effie Index rankings are a result of Effie Award Winner/finalist point aggregation over a single year. Rankings are not cumulative year over year. To explore the previous year rankings, use the "Filter by Year" function located in the upper left-hand side of each page.

Database Research

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the Effie Index, Effie Worldwide cannot accept liability with respect to errors or omissions. If you notice inconsistencies or errors with the data, please let us know. Rankings are updated periodically in order to correct inconsistencies, errors or omissions.

Tell us what you think

Our aim is to make the Index as insightful as possible, so we encourage your feedback. Comments, suggestions and feedback can be sent to index@effie.org.